Empowering. Beautiful. Joyful. Safe.

These are the words you want to use to describe your pregnancy, birth and postpartum. You want to give birth to your baby on your own terms, in the way that makes the most sense for you. You want to feel the power and elation that comes from lifting your baby into your arms for the first time. You want care for yourself and your family that is gentle, effective, safe and helps you all to a better state of health. You want not just to have an amazing birth, but to feel so well educated and empowered that you feel ready to have an amazing life as a parent and as a human being.

Grow Midwifery and Ayurveda’s focus is on empowerment, education and high quality care.  There are no requirements here.  We trust that when you get all the information you need, you know what is best for your body and for your family.

Pregnancy, birth and postpartum are a sacred time in your life and life of your family. You want care providers who respect you, support you, and understand the sanctity of this time.  You want care providers who not only keep the pulse of safety, but trust fully in the process you go through as you bring a new person into the world.

At Grow Midwifery and Ayurveda, we are here for you.


Midwifery Package:

An important part of the Midwives Model of Care is the continuity it provides.  I provide all prenatal and postpartum care, along with care during labor.

The extensive care provided both depends on and builds a firm relationship between us.  I encourage feedback and look forward to hearing from my clients.  I want our relationship to be as open, honest and mutually respectful as possible.  It is my hope that we can build a relationship full of trust and caring that will provide for the most rewarding and safest prenatal, birth and postpartum experience.

Schedule of prenatal care:

  • 1 hour-1 1/2 hour initial visit which includes an orientation to care and a full health intake and history
  • 45min-1 hour prenatal visits every 4 weeks until 32 weeks of pregnancy
  • 45min-1 hour prenatal visits every 2 weeks from 32-36 weeks of pregnancy
  • A home preparation visit at 36 weeks of pregnancy
  • 30min-1 hour prenatal visits every week from 37 weeks until birth

Labor and Birth:

I will come to you when you are in active labor and provide continuous labor support and monitoring.  I will stay after the birth until everyone (including new baby!) has eaten a meal, is stable and ready for me to leave.  In the case of transport to the hospital at any point after 37 weeks, I will accompany you and your family to ensure the smoothest transition possible.

Postpartum schedule of care:

  • 1 to 2 hour visit 24 hours after the birth
  • 1 hour visit 3 days after the birth
  • 1 hour visit 1 week after the birth
  • 1 hour visit 2 weeks after the birth
  • A check in via phone call or a 1 hour visit 4 weeks after the birth
  • 1 hour visit 6 weeks after the birth

Fees: $4300-$4800 (potential discounts, payment plans and work-trade available)

I charge a global fee that covers all your prenatal care, the labor and birth, and all your postpartum care. It does not cover the cost of any lab fees or ultrasound fees, the cost of basic home birth supplies or any additional supplies needed for a water birth (such as a birth tub).

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