Planning your family is a sacred time. You want care providers who understand your unique family and who will give you the best information available to choose what is right for you.

This is not your typical fertility experience. All care is tailored to your specific needs and constitution. You are cared for as a whole person– physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Grow Midwifery & Ayurveda offers fertility consultations for all. If you are just wanting to understand your body and what is healthiest for you, if you are wanting to get pregnant, or even if you want to avoid pregnancy naturally, there is a package that is right for you.

Fertility Consultation $150: 

  • 1 hour fertility consultation covering nutrition, lifestyle, cycle tracking and other recommendations for tracking your fertility, gaining a deeper understanding of your body, and helping you to achieve optimal wellbeing

Basic IUI Package $350: 

  • 45 min to 1 hour consultation to determine best time for in-home IUI
  • (2 IUIs per ovulation cycle, in a 48 hour period)

Fertility Assessment and IUI $500: 

  • 2, 1 hour fertility consultations, plus basic IUI
  • (2 IUIs per ovulation cycle in a 48 hour period)

Get Pregnant! Package $2000: 

  • 9, 1 hour fertility consultations over 9 months covering nutrition, lifestyle, herbs, cycle tracking, and energetic clearing to help you reach peak health and achieve conception.
  • Plus, 1 basic IUI. (Each additional basic IUI only $250 for clients who choose this package)