$1763 ($2463 with the matching fund)!!!

$1763 + $700 matching funds=$2463!  That's how much money we raised for my trip to the Philippines!  So awesome.  I am totally amazed at and grateful for the outpouring of generosity.  I feel so loved and supported, and I will take that with me on my trip.  Here are the incredible people that contributed: Dan …

Here is a little bit more about me and why I chose to become a midwife. You can also read about Jackson, the other student in the practice and my very good friend. Plus, learn more about Aly Folin, the midwife I work with. I love these people, and I feel blessed to get to be on this midwifery journey with them!

North Star Midwifery

For a long time in my practice I did not feel ready to take on the responsibility of training student midwives. It felt overwhelming to be in that role of teacher, especially as I was getting established as a midwife and learning so much myself. Right around the 5-year mark, things started shifting for me and I suddenly felt ready to take on that job (it didn’t hurt that I was having a baby too!) I also recognized that in order to increase the number of midwives so that more women have access to midwifery care, I needed to participate in the education of future midwives. Since then I have had several students in my practice and I have enjoyed learning from all of them as well as sharing what I have learned since leaving midwifery school. Having students in my practice pushes me to be the best midwife I…

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Guest post on AROMidwifery

Check out my guest blog on AROMidwifery! AROMidwifery stands for Anti-Racism and Anti-Oppression Work in Midwifery. How wonderful that this organization has finally been formed, and I am grateful to be a part of it!


This response to K. Heron’s graduation speech by one of her fellow students (previous post) testifies to how powerfully transformative the presence of anti-racist peers can be.


There are a lot of growing pains happening in the midwifery world right now.  The MOC chair and inner council resignation from MANA is really the sort of outward symptom of a larger sickness that has been plaguing midwifery in the U.S. for quite a while now.  But these are clearly actions that need to be taken, because they raise important questions that need to be asked.  We need to ask ourselves why are African American women 4 times more likely to die of pregnancy-related complications than Caucasian women?  Why is it that 9/1,000 Native American babies are dying, versus 5/1,000 white babies?  Why is it that so many more white women seem to have access to midwifery care?  Why…

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Loving what I do!

Loving what I do!

Here is a recent picture of me in action! I really love working with babies and families. It is absolutely what I am called to do, and I can’t imagine doing anything else. I am so excited for the day that I can be a midwife for a living! Help me get even closer to that goal by checking out (and contributing to) my Indiegogo campaign, and by sharing this blog with your friends. (All photos used with expressed permission of people/parents in them)