What’s in a name?

As many of you now know, there has been quite a bit of change happening in this small practice over the last few months. In November, I started working with a group practice to see if it would be a good fit for me and consider staying in Southern California long term. Over the last few months, I’ve had the chance to reflect deeply on this, and I found out that in truth I prefer the intimacy and continuity of a small private practice. I also discovered that while Southern California has a lot to offer, it just isn’t the right place for me. You can read more about this here.

If you’ve been following me and my journeys for any length of time, you might notice a theme to my life and my practice style. I am always leaning toward change, learning and ultimately growth. All of the journeys I take and the opportunities presented to me are chances to become a better midwife and a better human. I always welcome the chance to grow!

In this spirit, over my time becoming a midwife I have started on a path toward becoming more inclusive and a better ally to folks who may not have the privilege I do. This includes people of color, any one that is not obviously heterosexual or cisgendered, folks who may not have the socially accepted body type or abilities that I have, and so many more people. As part of this education to better understand my place and the privilege I am afforded, I have also started to understand the fine line difference between respecting someone’s culture and appropriating it. That has been a hard realization to come to, especially because I have so much deep reverence for pieces of cultures that are not in my own heritage (things like Yoga and Ayurveda come to mind).

A long time ago, before I started on this journey toward understanding cultural appropriation, as I was just starting out on my way to becoming a midwife, I had a dream of my practice name: Mana Midwifery (this article has a short paragraph explaining what mana is to the Hawaiian people). I was living on Maui at the time, and it felt like Pele was speaking directly to me. “This is your calling,” she said. And for a while, that name has kept me feeling connected to that spiritual root of my calling to midwifery. It has been an important part of keeping me connected to my ultimate goal of returning to Hawaii Nei and serving my ohana there.

Lately, however, I am more and more understanding what my place might be in that ohana. The Hawaiian people are a people I respect deeply. And I also know there is a rich and complicated history of white people trying to sublimate and subsume Hawaiian culture and heritage. All of this has me thinking more critically about what using the name Mana Midwifery implies.

As I learn and change, I realize that it is time for my business to change with me. That includes finding more respectful and considerate ways to express myself and what I do to the world. With that in mind, it is with great pleasure that I introduce you to Grow Midwifery and Ayurveda!

I believe that this new name really captures the spirit of my practice– as a midwife, someday as an ayurvedic practitioner, and as a human. Hooray for celebrating the journey! On to the next chapter!

A beautiful view of my Maui home.


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