What to Reject When You’re Expecting (from Consumer Reports)

What to Reject When You’re Expecting (from Consumer Reports)

What a great, informative article from Consumer Reports!

Despite a health-care system that outspends those in the rest of the world, infants and mothers fare worse in the U.S. than in many other industrialized nations. The infant mortality rate in Canada is 25 percent lower than it is in the U.S.; the Japanese rate, more than 60 percent lower. According to the World Health Organization, America ranks behind 41 other countries in preventing mothers from dying during childbirth.

The article goes on to hightlight the pitfalls and hazards of birthing in the hospital in the U.S. and how to avoid them!

Families don’t have to wait for the whole system to change to seek out practitioners who are already following more patient-centered models of care. “We need to raise women’s awareness that there will be a big difference in how they are cared for depending on who is in charge and what policies are in place,” Bingham says. Below are 10 steps you can take to ensure the best possible experience.

So glad that this information is available for birthing families in the U.S.  A highly recommended read if you are expecting.  Wait to go, Consumer Reports.

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