Here is a little bit more about me and why I chose to become a midwife. You can also read about Jackson, the other student in the practice and my very good friend. Plus, learn more about Aly Folin, the midwife I work with. I love these people, and I feel blessed to get to be on this midwifery journey with them!

North Star Midwifery

For a long time in my practice I did not feel ready to take on the responsibility of training student midwives. It felt overwhelming to be in that role of teacher, especially as I was getting established as a midwife and learning so much myself. Right around the 5-year mark, things started shifting for me and I suddenly felt ready to take on that job (it didn’t hurt that I was having a baby too!) I also recognized that in order to increase the number of midwives so that more women have access to midwifery care, I needed to participate in the education of future midwives. Since then I have had several students in my practice and I have enjoyed learning from all of them as well as sharing what I have learned since leaving midwifery school. Having students in my practice pushes me to be the best midwife I…

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