SuperStars, I heart you.

These amazing folks have all contributed to my campaign:

Elspeth Carlstrom, Aly Folin, Shannon Wianecki, Shannon Lynberg, a generous person with the handle randomiam, Tracey Wright, Aszani Stoddard, Anne Carter, Erin Joyce, Al Barnicle, Xander Page, Gabrielle Hurd, Megan Crown, Maureen Dahl, Erin Borbet, Mara Patton, Vanessa Massey, Katie Ireland, Bev Luther, Brittany Kubricky, Drew Madson, Dan Gelinas, and 3 anonymous contributors

Wow!!  That is truly rocking my world.  I am soooo grateful to all of these folks for helping me live my passion.  I am totally feelin the social media/crowdfunding love.  You are superstars!

There are still 4 days left of the campaign, and a little over 25% to go (with the matching funds, which will not be disbursed, unfortunately, until after the campaign has ended).  Help me help others by spreading the word and sharing the campaign with your friends.

Spread the love!

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