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Offering midwifery, home birth, water birth, VBAC, monitrice services, Ayurveda, IUI and fertility, and on-line childbirth education based in Maui, Hawaii.



Empowering. Beautiful. Joyful. Safe.

These are the words you want to use to describe your pregnancy, birth and postpartum. You want to give birth to your baby on your own terms, in the way that makes the most sense for you. You want to feel the power and elation that comes from lifting your baby into your arms for the first time. You want care for yourself and your family that is gentle, effective, safe and helps you all to a better state of health. You want not just to have an amazing birth, but to feel so well educated and empowered that you feel ready to have an amazing life as a parent and as a human being.

Grow Midwifery and Ayurveda’s focus is on empowerment, education and high quality care.  There are no requirements here.  We trust that when you get all the information you need, you know what is best for your body and for your family.

Pregnancy, birth and postpartum are a sacred time in your life and life of your family. You want care providers who respect you, support you, and understand the sanctity of this time.  You want care providers who not only keep the pulse of safety, but trust fully in the process you go through as you bring a new person into the world.

At Grow Midwifery and Ayurveda, we are here for you.


Midwifery Package:

An important part of the Midwives Model of Care is the continuity it provides.  I provide all prenatal and postpartum care, along with care during labor.

The extensive care provided both depends on and builds a firm relationship between us.  I encourage feedback and look forward to hearing from my clients.  I want our relationship to be as open, honest and mutually respectful as possible.  It is my hope that we can build a relationship full of trust and caring that will provide for the most rewarding and safest prenatal, birth and postpartum experience.

Schedule of prenatal care:

  • 1 hour-1 1/2 hour initial visit which includes an orientation to care and a full health intake and history
  • 45min-1 hour prenatal visits every 4 weeks until 32 weeks of pregnancy
  • 45min-1 hour prenatal visits every 2 weeks from 32-36 weeks of pregnancy
  • A home preparation visit at 36 weeks of pregnancy
  • 30min-1 hour prenatal visits every week from 37 weeks until birth

Labor and Birth:

I will come to you when you are in active labor and provide continuous labor support and monitoring.  I will stay after the birth until everyone (including new baby!) has eaten a meal, is stable and ready for me to leave.  In the case of transport to the hospital at any point after 37 weeks, I will accompany you and your family to ensure the smoothest transition possible.

Postpartum schedule of care:

  • 1 to 2 hour visit 24 hours after the birth
  • 1 hour visit 3 days after the birth
  • 1 hour visit 1 week after the birth
  • 1 hour visit 2 weeks after the birth
  • A check in via phone call or a 1 hour visit 4 weeks after the birth
  • 1 hour visit 6 weeks after the birth

Fees: $4300-$4800 (potential discounts, payment plans and work-trade available)

I charge a global fee that covers all your prenatal care, the labor and birth, and all your postpartum care. It does not cover the cost of any lab fees or ultrasound fees, the cost of basic home birth supplies or any additional supplies needed for a water birth (such as a birth tub).

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Planning your family is a sacred time. You want care providers who understand your unique family and who will give you the best information available to choose what is right for you.

This is not your typical fertility experience. All care is tailored to your specific needs and constitution. You are cared for as a whole person– physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Grow Midwifery & Ayurveda offers fertility consultations for all. If you are just wanting to understand your body and what is healthiest for you, if you are wanting to get pregnant, or even if you want to avoid pregnancy naturally, there is a package that is right for you.

Fertility Consultation $150: 

  • 1 hour fertility consultation covering nutrition, lifestyle, cycle tracking and other recommendations for tracking your fertility, gaining a deeper understanding of your body, and helping you to achieve optimal wellbeing

Basic IUI Package $350: 

  • 45 min to 1 hour consultation to determine best time for in-home IUI
  • (2 IUIs per ovulation cycle, in a 48 hour period)

Fertility Assessment and IUI $500: 

  • 2, 1 hour fertility consultations, plus basic IUI
  • (2 IUIs per ovulation cycle in a 48 hour period)

Get Pregnant! Package $2000: 

  • 9, 1 hour fertility consultations over 9 months covering nutrition, lifestyle, herbs, cycle tracking, and energetic clearing to help you reach peak health and achieve conception.
  • Plus, 1 basic IUI. (Each additional basic IUI only $250 for clients who choose this package)


You want care that is understanding of who you are as a person, and unique to you. You want specific ideas about how to ensure your well being, not just a quick fix for your symptoms. You want to feel better in your body, mind and spirit.

Ayurveda can help you to achieve true health, from the inside out. Ayurveda is an ancient system of health care passed down over thousands of years.  From this ancient science comes wisdom for living that provides a framework for creating well being in your modern life. Ayurveda understands that your body has an innate wisdom, and when you are in balance that wisdom creates unlocks your true potential.

Grow Midwifery & Ayurveda offers services for the whole family. Book your treatment or cleanse and start your path toward optimal wellness today!

Ayurvedic Treatments:

  • Snehan: $108 + tax
    • A 1 hour full body oil application designed to calm the mind, body and spirit. All oils are carefully selected for your individual needs, and to help ensure your optimal healing. This treatment is rejuvinating and relaxing– the perfect antidote to our busy modern lives!
  • Marma Point Therapy: $83 + tax
    • A 1 hour treatment working with energetic points in your body specifically designed for deep relaxation and release. A deeply relaxing treatment, very good for calming the nerves. Read more about marma points here.
  • Marma Point Facial: $48 + tax
    • A 30 minute marma point treatment focusing on points in the face. A lovely, relaxing facial.
  • Basti: $133 + tax
    • 1 hour treatment consisting of a snehan (application of oil to the entire body), and a theraputic placement of warm oil to a specific part of the body. This treatment is tailored specifically for your needs. Great for issues like low back pain, knee pain, upper back soreness, or other localized pain that needs to be addressed.
  • Hasta Pada Basti: $58 + tax
    • A 30 minute treatment of pouring warm oil over the hands and feet, and activating specific marma points. This treatment is great for those suffering from arthritis, or for getting creative energy flowing. Perfect for pairing with a marma point facial!

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Kitchari Cleanses:

Kitchari is an ayurvedic staple. A dish of rice, split mung, vegetables and spices, it gently and throughly helps to reset the digestion and bring you back to balance.

All food is prepared lovingly for your each day in your kitchen. Prices include the cost of fresh, mostly organic and local foods, and all cooking. Also includes a 30-45 minute lifestyle consultation.

  • 3 day Kitchari Cleanse: $258 + tax
  • 5 day Kitchari Cleanse: $428 + tax
  • Add a snehan to your cleanse for only $88 + tax!


“Sky was our midwife and at about this time last year we were in constant contact with her since we were expecting our baby right about Thanksgiving.  From the time we transferred care to Sky which was pretty early on in our pregnancy up until the last postpartum appointment Sky was impeccably dedicated and qualified to help us with what turned out to be a miraculous birth story.

Sky is an expert at midwifery.  She is highly educated in western medicine standards of care, holistic methods (especially Ayurveda), experienced as a midwife (even in other countries) and has the coolest personality that just makes you excited to see her and learn from her about having your baby.  I don’t think she even rescheduled one appointment and she was always available 24/7.  We had to do a lot of natural induction techniques in order to get our daughter to come before our deadline and Sky pulled this off beautifully! She navigated us through a few minor complications and still gave us our dream home birth.”– Rene J. and Michael S. (Parents to Baby J.)

We always felt we were in great hands with Sky, from prenatal care to baby’s first checkups.  She carefully educated us on the most important points of caring for our baby through the whole process and was very knowledgeable.  When it came time for the birth she gave up a night of sleep for us and was very helpful and encouraging, walking us through the toughest moments of labor.  When baby came, she caught him in her arms and helped us quickly get started on mother-baby bonding bliss :)”–Liz and Israel V. (parents to Baby M.)


We loved Sky’s down-to-earth approach and sense of humor during our pregnancy.  She helped us achieve the birth we wanted without medical intervention. Sky worked beautifully with the hospital staff, who we overheard complimenting her work.  I can’t imagine our experience without Sky.  We feel very fortunate to have had her as our doula and would highly recommend her to others.” –Carrie and David (mom and dad to Baby C.)

“When my partner and I realized that my cycle had me ovulating on a vacation, we decided to look into having a midwife in Hawaii do an IUI. I did some research and found Sky’s webpage. My partner and I were both blown away by her awareness and compassion and immediately knew we wanted her to do it. From start to finish I could not have imagined a better experience. She involved my partner in the process and let her push the syringe. She was the perfect 3rd person to be present for such an intimate experience. If you and your partner are interested in trying on you vacation you should definitely contact Sky. Sperm pickup was from UPS and was really straightforward. Even if we don’t conceive this month, I feel so grateful to have gotten to have such a wonderful and nurturing experience.” — Jessie E.

“I always knew I wanted to have a home birth. I was having a difficult time finding the kind of Midwife care I was looking for so I was beyond thankful when we found Sky. She is down to earth, easy going, professional and knowledgeable. She put my partner at ease about having a home birth.  I looked forward to my appointments with Sky, she was like a wonderful friend who was nurturing and caring for me. Through our birth Sky was calm, collected, confident and made me feel safe and strong.  Her postpartum care is unbelievable. It was so amazing to have at home care like that after birth. We were sad when our care ended and will choose her again in future pregnancies.” – Leah C. (mom to Baby M.)

“Sky was at my birth and made it an incredibly peaceful and enjoyable experience. She massaged my legs while I was in the birthing tub (it took some real talent to be that agile!), made sure I was well hydrated and fed during labor (she even spoon-fed me oatmeal, how great is that?!), and was a calming presence at my side the entire time. Additionally, she helped my partner know what to do throughout the labor and explained very articulately and calmly how he could support me physically and emotionally throughout labor. We were beyond pleased with Sky; her calming demeanor is simply incredible. I recommend her to all my friends considering a doula!” –Emily W. (mom to Baby R.)